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Creative Bliss: January 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

$2.99 lamp makeover

I was looking for a lamp for my vanity in my bedroom for a while.  I was in the thrift store and found this lamp and shade:

I took it a part and removed the wire and then realized I hadn't taken any pics.....so I put it back together:)  The wiring seemed old so I bought a new wiring kit for about 3-4 bucks.  the shade was quite ugly so I ripped off all the old fabric and was left with this shade form:
I cleaned the lamp and repainted the pieced in between each crystal piece.  the re-wired it with the kit I bought.  Now to decide what to do with the shade.  That was the hard part!  I just couldn't decide, so I tried ribbon and wrapped it all around and didn't like it.  I thought maybe paper, but no.  I eventually decided to use some muslin fabric and wrap and fold it around the shade and added some rosettes I made from the muslin and voila......here it is:

Not bad for $2.99 plus the $3-4 bucks for the wire for both a lamp and shade.  I really love it:)


Friday, January 28, 2011

New blog background and more fun stuff

I was looking for a new background for my blog and came across Shabby Blogs and found a background I just love.  There are all kinds of fun stuff to add to your blog also!  Buttons, dividers and lots more.  The best thing is its all FREE yes that's right I said FREE:)  After fooling around with the backgrounds and such I went to Picnik and created a new banner.  Now I feel like a brand new woman I mean blogger...lol:)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrift table redo......part 2

I am happy to post that the table is complete!  I just totally love it!  If you missed my other post you can read about it here.

Well all the stripping, sanding, staining and painting has paid off!  My table is all finished and here it is:
 I distressed the trestle , did I mention I love it!
 The table top was the most difficult.  I worked really hard to get a nice smooth finish.  It had some scratches and I kinda love how it looks so rustic with them.  The top is soooo smooth!  I was worried since I had never done a project quite like this that it would be sticky or lumpy...lol  but I learned a lot from the web and especially Remodelaholic.  LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!!

I am definitely not a pro and had some reading and learning to do but I really like how it turned out.  Now I need to start the chairs!  Here is a picture of them:

I want to redo them to match my table.  I was going to do the seats in the walnut and paint all the white black, but I think I am going to do the whole chair in the black and distress them.  Never know I may change my mind!  LOL!  Stay tuned for part 3...the completed dining set:)  Thanks for reading!!

I linked to:

Domestically Speaking


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"tutu" cute heart wreath

Ok so I love tutu's! Not for me but for little girls;)  I bought some fabric to make one for my friends little girl.  my little girl is 18, so not so little anymore...lol.  I started to make it and then her aunt from Texas gave her one:(  Mmmmm I wondered what am I going to do with this fabric?  then here comes Valentines day and figured I would make a wreath.  

I took a wire hanger and shaped it into a heart.  Then I cut the fabric into strips and tied them onto the hanger heart form.  I took some ribbon I had and tied it on so I could hang it up.

Thanks for reading:)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Videos Posted by Redding Peace Officers' Association: Bad Company - Tribute to Law Enforcement [HQ]

Videos Posted by Redding Peace Officers' Association: Bad Company - Tribute to Law Enforcement [HQ]

Sweet heart wreaths for my front door

I was in the store a week a week or so ago and some cute wreaths that were made with wooden hearts and they had the sayings on the hearts (kiss, love, etc.).  They were "brighter" than what I usually like and at $24.99 each outta my budget.  I decided to see what I could do to duplicate in a way that I would like.  I bought a couple wreaths from the dollar store and when I told my MIL what I was making she said she had hearts I could have.  She gave me the bigger and thicker ones and also the ones that have the holes that I tied string in.  Whooo Hoooo!  LOL:)  I also picked up a few more, they were like .29 cents each at AC Moore and Michaels.  I painted,  sanded and then stained each one.  I also painted the wreath and stained it.  The wooden words I bought were already painted for like a buck at Michaels and I just sanded and stained them.  All that was left was gluing them on:)  I like them and they only cost a few bucks to make:)  Thanks for reading!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Key to my heart...

I saw that Tip Junkie had this great antiqued music sheet from the The Graphics Fairy and knew I wanted to use it.  I did not know what for though:(  Then I was going through stuff in my craft room and saw a saying "key to my heart" on a sticker and "TA-DA" it came to me:)

I got the frame from the dollar store and painted, sanded and stained.  The print out of the music wasn't quite 81/2 x 11 so I used spray adhesive to attach burlap to the cardboard that came with the frame and attached the trimmed sheet music.  I made my own tags with scrapbook paper, a hole punch a some string.  Then attached a key to one and stickers to the other.  They were attached with 3D adhesive dots and the buttons were attached with regular adhesive dots.  I love the way it turned out!  What do you think?

The Graphics Fairy


My thrift table redo....Part one

I was at Goodwill and saw this table and I fell in love!  I know its an ugly duckling:)  I just knew it had potential and I have been wanting a larger table for family dinners and such.  

YES!  $24.99!  I was sold:)

I already have two tables!  They aren't quite what our family needed though.

 This one has the four legs.  So if you try to sit more than for people someone gets a table leg at there knees.  Not comfortable.
 The chairs were comfy though.  I know this every time she came over:)  She also said since I was getting another table she would have no problem switching tables with me.  Mmmm  score!!  She had a white and light oak table with the white tiles in the top of the table, which she despised.  LOL!  But it came with the windsor like chairs...which I wanted.  So we switched and I am going to recover the seats for her to match her decor (this will be the third time I have done this).
This is the table I had in my dining room.  I love it but it just is too small to have dinner at.  We have since put a pool table (ahhh men!) in the dining room and this is just spare now.  I have put it in my kitchen because its convenient to work on cakes and I don't have an island, yet.

I so lovvveeee Remodelaholic.com it is my absolute favorite site for ideas on redoing stuff in your home.  While browsing through all the wonder projects on the site I found this table redo and knew that was what I wanted to do, but I want to distress the trestle part some.

So I stripped:

and started staining.  I chose a walnut stain because it reminded me of the table we ate at growing up <3.  This is the first coat.  I am going to do two and then a couple coats of poly.  I so love this table!  Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this wonderful table redo:)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FREE Valentine’s Classroom Pack — Tip Junkie Printables

This is awesome!! I so love printables!

FREE Valentine’s Classroom Pack — Tip Junkie Printables

Happy printing;)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lego-Star Wars birthday for my son

My sons birthday was last weekend and all he had been talking about is wanting a Lego-Star Wars birthday.  Not Lego Star Wars, but Lego and Star Wars.  After searching the many wonderful blogs out there and my faithful friend Google; I was able to come up with some ideas.  I first made his invitation:

And then it was all the fun of getting ready...lol
My wonderful friend Erin helped me so much I don't know what I would have done with out her:)

We made Light Sabers:

12 of them!  LOL!  I got pool noodles and cut them in half, and bought silver duct tape for the ends.  The boys & girls LOVED them!  I got that idea from here.

Then we worked on the goody bags.  I bought blue bags for about a $1.00 and then with some remaining bags we cut holes out with a circle cutter and made the bags look like Lego blocks:

A little hard to see, we made 12 of these filled them with candy, folded over the bag and secured it with a Star Wars sticker.  I got the idea for this from here, many great ideas on that sitee.

We made Jedi training task cards:

each time they completed a task they got a sticker.  There are so many different ideas for these out there on the web.  I printed it out and trimmed the paper to fit in the name badge, added a sticker and attached ribbon.

We made Anakin's mechanical hands using food gloves, popcorn and put an ice cream cone and tied itThe kiddies loved it.
The most time consuming (besides the cake:) were the Lego brick cupcake toppers.  They were made from fondant, and we made each brick, one for each of the 24 cupcakes..

I made some decorations.  The background for the display table was two black table cloths from Walmart and I bought some silver star stickers and Erin put the stars all over the table cloth.....phew!

Notice the wrinkles?  Yeah well I set up had a great party and then realized I **gasp** didn't take pictures!!  So what was I gonna do you ask?  I took the decoration and redecorated of course!  LOL!  I had the table set up on my lanai and my neighbors must have thought I was nuts;)  LOL!  I got pictures though;)  I made little signs stating what each food & drink item was:

 Princess punch is basically fruit punch and lemon lime soda.  The kids loved it!
I made Yoda soda with green juice and lemon lime soda.  This was a big hit.
 The Galactic pizza was just Bagel Bites.  Calling it that made it so much more fun, don't ya think?

Wookie cookies were chocolate chip cookies.  There were also Chewbacca cheese puffs.  And until this party I really didn't know anything about Star Wars and found out a Wookie and Chewbacca are the same.  LOL!  Learn something new everyday;-)

I made Lego bricks from foam bricks I had.  I spay painted them black and "smooshed" checkers in the top to look like Lego's.  I saw that here.

For games we played Star Wars bingo that I printed off the internet.

 Then they had to go over hot lava without falling in.  (a red table cloth I secured to the ground and pieces of card board held down with spray adhesive.  
That is my son in the going over the lava and in the background is Erin holding her baby girl:)

Then they had disc flying:
I totally wanted to hang the hula hoop from a tree but didn't have a good hula hoop hanging tree:)

We then had light saber training.  they had to see how long they could keep a balloon up in the air.
We moved indoors because there was a little bit of wind.

Then there was Jedi Academy Graduation.  I made up a little certificate and printed it out added their names to them and they were "official" Jedi knights:

Then there was cake.  My son wanted R2D2 so that is what he got.  I made the cake more as a centerpiece because I just figured it would be easier to give each little one a cupcake:)

And he LOVED it!!!!

There are so many ideas out there and so many other things I would have loved to do.  If you are looking for Star Wars party ideas check out Tip Junkie.  She is AMAZING!!  Her site is AMAZING!!  I just get into her site and boom its been an hour...lol  She really has all sorts of great ideas on just about everything:)  Thanks for looking:)

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