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Creative Bliss: January 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Add Pages You Like in Your (Updated) Facebook News feed

Ever since Facebook changed I was not able to see my "liked" pages in my news feed.  SOOOOOO annoying!  I did a little searching and found a step by step tutorial to show you what to do.  With pictures and all!  Here is the link How to Add Pages You Like in Your (Updated) Facebook News feed.  I hope this helps some of you that were out of the loop like me:) ~Angi


My Two Front Doors

I love the look of having two front doors....but when it comes to decorating it is difficult at times.  I will see so many adorable ideas for wreaths or a snowman...yes I said snowman!  So I decided I would try doing something a little different on each door.  I found the snowman idea on Pinterest my new obsession!  I am addicted to clicking "see more pins"!  LOL!  I went to the site that he was featured on and decided to give it a try.  This is my snowman:

I don't know about anyone else that has made one, but I got questions like:  Where are his arms?  Are you going to give him feet?  I think he needs a face, don't you?  LOL!  I like him though!  I may tilt his hat, but that is about it.  I got the wreaths at Joann's and Michael's with coupons:)  I had the scarf and for the hat I used some foam board I had and cut it out and covered it in furry fabric.  That was my left door and for my right door I decided to use up some of the many, many pine cones I have collected:

I tied them on with a light gauge wire onto a wire frame wreath.  I then sprayed it with glitter spray and added the picks for some color.  I tied the bow and added a "Joy" ornament I bought for .12 cents at Target after the holidays.  Below is a picture of them together:

What do you think?  Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog:)

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Camouflage Cakes

This past year I have made two camouflage cakes for two different friends.  I think they are so fun to do!  The first is my favorite though.  My friend wanted it to be pink and girly so we decided on a pink camo with the bow on top:

I did the actual camo in butter cream and made the bow from gum paste.  I love it!  So super fun:)  Here are a some more angles:

The birthday girl loved it and that is the most important thing:)  A couple months later I was asked by my besties nephew to make him  another one but in Army camo.  I of course said sure thing:)  He didn't care how it was as long as it was camo.....so cute:

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!  

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