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Creative Bliss: May 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hutch makeover........

I have wanted a hutch for my dining room for a while.  I have a hutch but it doesn't have any cabinet doors or drawers (you know to hide stuff;).  Okay so it does have tiny drawers, but they are very thin.

  This past fall when my mother in law was packing up to move back to NJ she was giving a lot of stuff away.  When she told me she wanted to get rid of her hutch I didn't want it to just go to anyone.  My in-laws have had this since they were married probably about 42 years.  It has memories for my husband and his family.  That is part of what makes this one of my favorite furniture make overs I have ever done.  Not only because of that, but also how fantastic I think it turned out!  The following pictures are the only ones I could find with the hutch in them:

These are from January 1997.  This is my brother in law Andy on the left and my oldest son was 7 at the time, he is now 22 and my father in law who passed away in April 2011.   

My son was so super excited to get roller blades!  This is my mother in law on the right.  The doors on the hutch I had never really payed much attention to until I started redoing it and took them off and then a bulb went off!  It looks like the right and left sides may have been backwards.  The straight part is on top and the curved on the bottom, but in the middle the curve was on top.  So I flipped them:)   It is in two pieces so that made the whole process a lot easier.  I primed and then painted in a antique white.  I then distressed it and stained the top.  I changed the hardware, but also decided to keep the decorative backing on the top doors.  I painted them black to match all the other hardware. We had horrible very light carpet that I ripped out.  I decided to do all the painting and staining in the whole room makeover before having the new floor installed.

I was thinking of maybe adding curtains to the inside of the doors but I just haven't decided yet. 

This is the decorative backing that was on the original.  I spray painted it to match the new hardware and it looks like they have always been together.

I am so happy I decided to stain the top and not paint it:)

 It matches my table redo so it looks like a set.

Thanks for reading!  How do you like how it turned out?   ~Angi

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bucket gifts

With it being Teacher appreciation week, I thought I would share a easy and fun gift.  I went to my local craft store a couple days before Valentines day and they had little buckets filled with treats made up as gifts.  The only thing was they were $24.99!!  Yikes!  I knew I could put one together much cheaper.  This past Valentines Day I made two bucket gifts, one for my honey and one for my 2nd graders teacher.

I made my honeys with cigars, Jack Daniels and Reese's....a few of his favorite things:)  I also found the box of chocolate cigars and had to include them:) 

The nips were only about .99cents and the cigars varied, I bought one that was whiskey flavored, one that was coffee flavored and a couple for him to give a try.

My sons bucket for his teacher turned out so cute!  I got a couple "gourmet" lollipops for about .39cents each and a cookie shaped like a cupcake.

I got the buckets for .99cents each and the flowers were also on sale for .99cents each.  I took some floral foam I already had and cut it to fit inside the buckets and started filling with the flowers.  I then hot glued the candy, nips and cigars onto lollipop sticks and arranged them.  The lollie pops were just inserted and the cookie was attached to a lollie pop stick and voila and easy super cute gift:)

Thank you so much for reading ~Angi
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Old to New Again.....table redo

We bought this great table and chairs in 2004 when we moved into our first home in Florida.  The home had a wonderful sunny kitchen nook that it fit in so perfectly. The table and chairs survived 5 years of eating and playing without too much wear and tear.  Just some scratches and a couple nicks. 

This is a pic before I stripped it.  That is my little guy eyeing up some cake:)

This is after I stripped the table top down to bare wood.  My house now has darker woods and more of a country feel and I wanted to keep this table and decided to refinish it instead of buying another one.

The legs were already an off white.  I just went over them in the same color I was doing the chairs so they would match and then distressed them.

The seat covers were originally white....yeah not so good for  a family with children...LOL  I redid the covers with some cute fabric with stars on it back in 2007.  I ripped out the horrible very light cream colored carpet that was very worn and had stains that just kept coming back, even after being cleaned.  The tile has also been removed.

This is after it was stained a couple of times so I could get the deepness of the color I wanted.

This is the finished product!  I distressed the chairs and table legs.  I let my husband pic out the fabric for the chair seats.  He chose a leather like material so it would be easy to clean if something spills.  He has a poker table top and wants to have the guys over for card night so the material choice will be perfect;)  This room has been completely re-done and I have also refinished a hutch to match the table and chairs.  I will do a post on that soon.  I love how it has turned out.  What do you think?  

Thanks for for reading!  ~Angi

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